Walnut Snare Drum Pair with Salvaged Wine Stave Hoops



This is a matched pair of Walnut Stave Snare Drums with Reclaimed White Oak Segmented Drum Hoops.  The Quartersawn walnut is cut into a 9/16” thick shell and 60 degree edges to create a beautiful and fast response.  Finished with a light coat of Poly it’s well protected without damping the clear sound of the free cut solid wood construction.  This Drum comes with a custom milled bell brass hardware that is triple plated and milled to exacting standards.  It has a matching tube lug design for the Snare, holding Puresound Steel wires.  The tensioner is a Dunnett Style throw off and the drum comes with Remo heads.  Size:  6” x 14” x 9/16” for the larger one, 5” x 10” x ½” for the smaller one.  These make a great pair someone looking to add a custom sound to their drum set.