Hand Hewn Salvaged Wine Barrel Snare Drum with Wood Hoops


This Drum is made using Salvaged White Oak from local wine barrels. It’s a monster coming in a 8 inches tall and 14 inches diameter. The edges are cut to 60 degrees to give it fast response from the heads and good shell interaction. The wood hoops are also from made form wine barrels and give a lot of control over the sound and response. It’s beautiful and warm. Having solid wood hoops helps to even out the tuning and makes for some crisp and clear stick clicks. The drum is finished with a Wine Burst fade. It fade from gloss black up to Merlot and then Clear Satin at the top. The lugs are single point AL, and the strainer is a Dunnett holding Puresound wires. This drum sounds like a monster. Come check it out in the Gallery, or have it shipped for free to your home or studio. You’ll love it from the first hit.