Wine Barrel Drum Set



This incredible kit is big, and will bowl you over with the sound it creates.  It’s made from an actual Wine Barrel and reclaimed Wine Vat Staves.  The Barrel is made to fit a 24” Drum head and the toms are all standard sizes as well.  The thickness and the shape of the barrel bass drum creates an incredible billow in the sound of the kick.  The solid segmented hoops give an extra punch to the attack.  The toms are reclaimed from wine vat staves in a straight shape.  The tom hoops are also made from reclaimed vat material with a relief cut around the edge for a more attractive shape.  The lugs and the hardware are all made from Aircraft grade AL and the tom mounts are secured directly to the lugs for a secure mount of the drums to any hanger system you have. The sizes are: 28×24, 7×10, 7.5×12, 8×13, 16×18, and 8×14 Snare

Delivery option available by quote.